Sprinkle Some Glam to Your Glow

GlamGlow is renown company that was founded back in 2010 by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore. Initially, it was made and distributed exclusively for professional use in Hollywood’s Music, Fashion, Entertainment, and Award industries. A year later they made GlamGlow available for retail. Over six years they have been in business, they have accomplished a great deal and have grown to amazing lengths.

Their many beauty awards go to their patented TEAOXI, which is a unique leaf technology. This has become globally recognized as an innovative mud treatment that is fast acting and delivers visible results.

Today they have many products. Most popular of them all are their mask treatments. You probably have heard of their Supermud clearing treatment mask which is the white box. Or the gravity mud which is the firming treatment that comes in the electric purple box. It’s very hard to miss.

They also offer moisturizers, cleansers, lips, and other makeup. Their product line offers many different uses for all types of skin, young, old, to troubled skin, to normal. They have had great reviews and people still rave about their products.

I myself purchase their products and have been using the masks. I have recently purchased the super cleanse daily clearing cleanser because I have troubles acne prone skin. I have been liking the results and along with the mask and facial cleanser its great. I would even recommend to switch up treatments once in awhile depending on what your skin needs. Sometimes I get a little dry, and sometimes extra oily. The thirsty mud would be perfect to try out.

Their newest product looks luxurious as they all do but it is their flash mud brightening treatment. This new treatment claims to provide brighter, radiant, more luminous skin while correcting complexion and evening skin tone. Just look for the bright orange box and try it. Let me know what you think.

GlamGlow has proved to be a glamorous and luxurious brand. There’s mud mask for everyone in their collection. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.