Hair & Face Go Together

Why yes they do! You can have a well put together makeup look but still look crazy if you obviously don’t take care of your hair and it’s got you looking like Frankenstein’s bride. With the normal damage we put our hair through these days with the heat, dye, and over-washing (yes you can over wash), it’s no wonder why our hair works against us. The question now is not if our hair is damaged but realistically, how bad is the damage? Continue on reading how we can turn things around and begin to get those smooth, luscious, and shiny locks you used to have.

Drink lots of water, its good for you, just not on your hair. Staying hydrated is good for your whole body but too much water on your hair too often does some serious damage. Believe it or not, water makes your hair swell causing it to frizz and makes it more susceptible to breakage. This also forces the cuticle up which could cause more hair fallout. Try washing less often and opting out for a dry shampoo that’s not just powder but actually removes grease and sweat from your hair. And remember to rinse with cool water and not hot. 

Invest in great hair products. This includes anything you put on your head, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, oils, etc. For example, purchase quality shampoos that have proteins that strengthen the hair follicles instead of stripping it of its natural essentials oils. Shine is the natural sign of healthy hair so instead of using the fake stuff like shine sprays go with dry oils which have the lightest of oils in them and can provide the most believable healthy shine.

Air drying hair is always better than heat. If you can feel the heat on your head, you are frying and drying your hair follicles from the root all the way the ends. If you must use a blow dryer try using the cool button or even use a fan to dry your hair. A great thing to do after a wash is to wait til hair is just a little damp and braid your hair before bed. You’ll wake up with beautiful non-frizzy hair and some sexy cool beach waves in the morning.

Treat yourself to scalp treatments, which are recommended once a week. You really want to keep the roots and hair follicles clean from blockages which lead to inflammation and thinning hair. Head and shoulders have a great line of products that is great even for hair without dandruff.

Be beautiful in all of your ways. This also includes your hair. Keep it healthy and it will shine and bounce with all of its liveliness. Work on your beauty from the inside out.