A Shooting Star

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a growing Makeup Brand that has picked up velocity very quickly. Liquid lipsticks have become a normalcy in the makeup scene and Jeffree Star has made delicious colors as well as super funky colored ones. His formulas are all cruelty-free as well as the manufacturers he uses. His Youtube channel is to die for and he is someone to keep up with on social media.

His background is pretty inspirational. Being a young Jeffree he was interested in makeup and would try it on and try to copy styles from magazines. He carried him a dream of having his own makeup brand one day and started to living his dream. He started to create formulas, doing freelance work and doing makeup for people, which then grew into doing makeup for celebrities and creating the incredible brand he has created now.

He offers a number of different products now. He started off just offering his most popular items which are the velour liquid lipsticks. He has all of the colors of the rainbow, even white, black and nude. Some of them matte, shiny, glittery. Whatever you’re preference he has something for everyone and is flattering on any skin color. He has grown exponentially since.

Now he also offers an incredible Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette. He has even dove into the fashion which Jeffree always slays. If you follow him on his social media accounts you’ll know he loves anything Pink, bags, shoes, highlighter. He sells a few shirts, jackets, and rocking vest as well. He’s brought back the classic regular lipsticks called his lip ammunition. His obsession with highlighters has pushed him to create his own line which he claims and is “blinding.” For people that use a lot of lippies, try Jeffree Star’s velour lip scrub to get that silky soft and plump natural lips back.

Jeffree Star is naturally just that, a star. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on for he is constantly pushing new lengths of makeup, fashion, and looks. It is a pleasure to watch as well on social media and it just goes to show everyone that when you have the ambition to do something great, go for it. People may love it or hate it. What matters is you are being one hundred percent you. People can do nothing but respect that.