Nuts for Coconut Oil

These nutty tree fruits aren’t so “nutty” at all!

If you look at a coconut, you may have the urge to drink the fantastic juices inside. Refreshing right? You may even think about eating the coconut too. Yum! But you wouldn’t necessarily think about using the oils from a coconut and rubbing it on your dry elbows, would you? Umm.? Well, there are many other ways coconuts can be used. It is such a versatile yet straightforward fruit that you may not have imagined to be so right for you. The oils from a coconut are like a superfood for our bodies. Let’s dive right into its benefits.



Coconut oil is used in many beauty products and for a good reason. First off, it’s naturally antifungal and antibacterial. It’s an excellent moisturizer, and the smell is excruciating pleasing.

I personally use real raw organic coconuts that I get from a Oahu painting contractor company that gets free cocouts from their jobs to make my oil. But, you can easily get organic coconut oil from almost anywhere.

1. Rub. In need of a massage? There are many different oils you can use for giving or receiving massages, but a natural oil to apply is coconut oil. Its a great moisturizer and it smells like cookies.

2. Shine. If hair is stripped of its precious oils, it can become dull and boring. If you need a little shine feel free to grab your bottle of coconut oil and add just a tad, concentrating mostly on your ends.