Hair & Face Go Together

Why yes they do! You can have a well put together makeup look but still look crazy if you obviously don’t take care of your hair and it’s got you looking like Frankenstein’s bride. With the normal damage we put our hair through these days with the heat, dye, and over-washing (yes you can over wash), it’s no wonder why our hair works against us. The question now is not if our hair is damaged but realistically, how bad is the damage? Continue on reading how we can turn things around and begin to get those smooth, luscious, and shiny locks you used to have.

Drink lots of water, its good for you, just not on your hair. Staying hydrated is good for your whole body but too much water on your hair too often does some serious damage. Believe it or not, water makes your hair swell causing it to frizz and makes it more susceptible to breakage. This also forces the cuticle up which could cause more hair fallout. Try washing less often and opting out for a dry shampoo that’s not just powder but actually removes grease and sweat from your hair. And remember to rinse with cool water and not hot. 

Beauty Does Not Define By Gender

In the olden days, men worked, women stayed home to tend to the children and home. Men were mostly grimy and dirty running a working all day or what have you. And women wore makeup and smelled nice. This is crazy talk, isn’t it? In this day and age, anything goes and anyone can do anything and everything they put their mind to. No gender roles here anymore. So why must beauty be only defined with women? Well, it’s not anymore. I have a list of boys that take beauty to another level, lifting, inspiring, and proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Let’s begin with PatrickStarr. He says it all started one day with playing with his mother’s makeup. He was a chubby child so he used it to contour. He also used makeup to cover hs acne at the time too. Which in turn empowered him. Now he is a beauty icon attending many beauty conventions, and slaying his youtube channel. He also
does great transformations on people which worth the watch. People cry and feel amazing afterward which is something that sticks with you after watching.

MannyMUA is a lovable character. He’s funny and relatable and can spark up a lively conversation with just about anyone. He has an inspirational story as well. He talks about his hardships when he was getting more into makeup. He had to stop going to church, his family didn’t understand and almost shunned it, thinking it would ruin his medical career at the time. And now, he is a full-time YouTuber, inspiring millions of people around the world, his father works for him, and his mother backs him up one hundred percent. 

A Shooting Star

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a growing Makeup Brand that has picked up velocity very quickly. Liquid lipsticks have become a normalcy in the makeup scene and Jeffree Star has made delicious colors as well as super funky colored ones. His formulas are all cruelty-free as well as the manufacturers he uses. His Youtube channel is to die for and he is someone to keep up with on social media.

His background is pretty inspirational. Being a young Jeffree he was interested in makeup and would try it on and try to copy styles from magazines. He carried him a dream of having his own makeup brand one day and started to living his dream. He started to create formulas, doing freelance work and doing makeup for people, which then grew into doing makeup for celebrities and creating the incredible brand he has created now.

Sprinkle Some Glam to Your Glow

GlamGlow is renown company that was founded back in 2010 by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore. Initially, it was made and distributed exclusively for professional use in Hollywood’s Music, Fashion, Entertainment, and Award industries. A year later they made GlamGlow available for retail. Over six years they have been in business, they have accomplished a great deal and have grown to amazing lengths.

Their many beauty awards go to their patented TEAOXI, which is a unique leaf technology. This has become globally recognized as an innovative mud treatment that is fast acting and delivers visible results.